Driver days

Welgro regularly organizes driver days. The purpose of these driver days is for your drivers to be (re)acquainted in a practical way with the Welgro discharge system. Explanations are provided about discharging according to new insights. This reduces costs for your business.

Welgro can produce an innovative bulk truck for you by implementing modifications to bulk trucks, gained by practical experience of your drivers. The driver day is combined with a GMP training. This GMP training addresses the current laws and regulations in the animal feed sector. The government has set new rules and the GMP has already been linked to GDP for the past year. This has been done in order to reach the highest possible safety and quality in the food and feed sectors. This training teaches the driver to recognize the different responsibilities within the chain and how he should act in various situations. This training provides the participant with awareness about the GDP topic. This allows the participant to carry out the various operations in respect of working with animal feed with a high degree of quality.

What makes this day even more interesting is that the Welgro driver day is eligible for 7 theoretical education hours (code 95) in combination with a certificate “GDP for drivers”. The Welgro driver day is recognized by CCV under code U 29-1 driver animal feed.

During this day the official business can be combined with pleasure. All you have to do is put together an enthusiastic group of drivers.

What does a driver day entail?

· Arrival in Groenlo is at about 8 am. The drivers are presented with coffee and cake during a word of welcome. A valid driver’s license or passport will be required to satisfy identity checks at 8.15 am and subsequently drivers sign the participants list.

· Part 1: Legislation and regulations GMP

· The following subjects will be discussed; roles and responsibilities, personal protection

· Part 2: Theoretical instruction on discharging the Welgro discharge system.

· This day is organized in a manner which ensures that at the end of the day every participant will have carried out all sections.

· Lunch will be provided from 12.00 until 12.30 pm.

· The groups are substituted for the afternoon program so that everyone will complete all sections.

· The day will be concluded with a number of test questions. Sufficient scores will result in a certificate “GDP for drivers”, provided by Euriva.

· The training will end at 16:00 pm.

Would you like to use this opportunity? Please fill out the following application form. After we have received your application, you will receive notification when the driver day is scheduled.

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