Welgro Service Centre Groenlo

In the world of transport, profitability and reliable planning are extremely important: from the first kilometer, throughout a vehicle's lifetime. Three aspects determine the profitability of your bulk truck: purchase price, life cycle costs and resale value. Only companies who are able to control the life cycle costs of their bulk truck, run a lower risk from the first kilometer.

Safety first

The Welgro Service Centre in Groenlo is fully equipped and staffed to quickly and safely service, repair and overhaul all brands of bulk trailers for the transport of cattle feed, flour produce, granulates, grains and powdery fillers.

Fast delivery of spare parts

In addition, the Welgro Service Centre guarantees worldwide express delivery of spare parts for bulk trailers and the corresponding blower installations. The Service Centre Groenlo also offers advice on maintenance and fleet management in order to help reduce your vehicle ‘life cycle’ costs.

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