Welgro is constantly improving the quality of its products and production methods.

Welgro is certified for:

–          Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008
–          European Pressure Equipment Directive – 2014/68/EU – Annex III Module H


Recently delivered vehicles

RTG- Raiffeisen Transport GmbH (D)
ABZ Diervoeding (NL)
AB Texel Veevoertransporten B.V. (NL)
Grupa Agrocentrum Sp. z o.o. (PL)
Baromfi-Coop Kft. (HU)
Raiffeisen Maria-Veen- Lette e.G. (D)
J.A. Theeuwes B.V. (NL)
Sven Daems bvba (B)
Transport Wuyts (B)
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