More than 50 years Welgro

Welgro began in the 60s with the manufacturing of tanks for agriculture. Later Welgro specialized in bulk trucks. First for the Dutch market but soon after also for export to the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Customization has been the hallmark since the establishment of the company.

Welgro in the sixties

Theo Wellink, former owner, started over 55 years ago with the production of the first agriculture tanks.

The first bulk trailers

Later Welgro specializes in customized bulk trailers.

Through its own development of the bulk truck technology, Welgro patented many of its own designs.
Welgro still manufactures in-house. We handle the entire process: from the design phase in the CAD department to spray painting, applying logos and aftersales.
Since the beginning of the 21st century Welgro produces in Germany and as of 2016 in China as well.

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