Welgro: Quality, reliability and innovation

Welgro has been manufacturing bulk trucks for cattle feed, flour products, granulates, grains and powdery substances for decades. Every year about 120 bulk trucks are delivered to customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Modern and innovative

Welgro is a sound business with over 125 employees and has a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation. Industrial halls have been modernized and expanded on the 30,000 m2 industrial site in Groenlo. And we continue to invest constantly to continue to meet the latest requirements regarding environmental and occupational health and safety legislation.

In-house production

Welgro produces in-house. We handle the entire process: from the design phase in the CAD department to spray painting, applying logos and aftersales. Welgro stands for customization; specific customer requirements make every job unique. Needs in terms of capacity, discharge capacity, range and maneuverability are all aspects which Welgro takes into account. Many designs are patented.

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