Groenlo, 19th of August 2019


Welgro, the Netherlands-based producer of bulk trailers for animal feed, has found a new majority shareholder in Rhein Invest, providing a solid foundation for the company’s growth as a leading specialist in its field. 


Wiljon Wellink, owner and General Manager of Welgro: “There is no prospect of succession within the family. That is why we have been looking for a strong partner who will secure Welgro’s long term future, guarantee employment and who has an eye for the innovative strength and human dimension with which we work. Claudia and I have every confidence that Rhein Invest is the right partner. We are going to stay involved, with a minority share, to contribute to the future of Welgro.”


Rhein Invest invests in medium-sized, profitable, industrial, software and agri-tech companies with a strong DNA, defensible market position and innovative capacity. Welgro is a great example. Jan Middelburg, partner: “Welgro is an innovative company in the Dutch manufacturing industry and has a very strong reputation among its customers, with whom they have been working together for decades. We have a long-term vision to help Welgro to grow into new markets while remaining true to its values.”


Wiljon and Claudia Wellink will withdraw from the management of Welgro, with Bart van Nunen succeeding Wiljon Wellink as General Manager. The Wellink family remains involved as a minority shareholder and will continue its involvement with the company. Bart van Nunen has extensive experience with family businesses in process, manufacturing and food industries, as well as in transport & logistics.

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19 August 2019

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